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The newest feature of the BLACKJACKET™ focusing cloth was, once again, developed in response to user feedback. This feature, called the BLACKBAG™ does double-duty, serving as an attractive storage sack when the BLACKJACKET™ is not in use, and more importantly as a solution to the most challenging light leak--caused by the gap beneath the rear standard and base plate of field cameras (or the two gaps beneath rear standard and either side of the rail of monorail cameras).

The BLACKBAG™ is standard equipment with all new BLACKJACKET™ focusing cloths.

For a step-by-step visual demonstration of how it works. For video demonstrations of how it works, click here.

Because of its innovative use of sleeves, the BLACKJACKET™ provides an ideal darkened environment for viewing the ground glass of a view camera. Even though the darkened environment of the BLACKJACKET™ was superior to others, we devised a way to make it even better.

The BLACKBAG™ employs a special new "snag free" Velcro™ that incorporates both hook and loop fasteners in a single strip of material. The Velcro™ hooks, which normally are prone to snagging everything from wool mittens to plush fabric, are recessed on this new product to minimize inadvertent snags, yet eagerly attach to another piece of similar material.

Corresponding strips of the same "snag free" Velcro™ is sewn into the necks of all new 4x5 and 5x7 BLACKJACKET™ models. The strips on the BLACKJACKET™ neck are oriented vertically, while the strips on the BLACKBAG™ are oriented horizontally. This permits the BLACKBAG™ to be positioned quickly and precisely like a curtain to block the gap that occurs between the rear standard and base plate on field cameras (or on both sides of the rail beneath the rear standard of monorail cameras).

There is no need to be concerned about marring the exterior of your camera cabinet with glue or screws because the Velcro™ strips are attached to the BLACKBAG™ and neck of the BLACKJACKET™.

While blocking the light, the curtain design also permits easy access to camera controls beneath the rear standard such as swing and shift.

The combination of adjustable collar, "sleeves" and the new BLACKBAG™ combine to make the ideal, darkened environment in which to view the ground glass of a large format camera even better!



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