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Like the original, Standard BLACKJACKET™, the 5x7 BLACKJACKET™ focusing cloth is loaded with features. Foresmost is the revolutionary use of sleeves, which provide a means to insert one's hands into the darkened environment to access camera controls and/or check focus, and still maintain total darkness. Like a doorless, s-shaped entrance to a production darkroom, the folds in the sleeve fabric trap light that otherwise makes focusing so difficult.

The collar of the 5x7 BLACKJACKET™ focusing cloth accommodates cameras with a cabinet circumference of less than 46".

The 5x7 BLACKJACKET™ focusing cloth also has adjustment toggles located on the top and bottom of the collar to permit quick adjustments from above or below the camera, depending on how one chooses to work.

Peruse the list of individual features with the navigation menu for more information, or click on the DEMO link for a step-by-step visual tour of how it works.

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