As the image below illustrates, the sun's glare on a LCD screen can make reviewing image data on a digital SLR difficult. Some attempts to address this problem include viewing aids that turn the data into a bunch of overmagnified pixels and hoods that only partially block the light. In contrast, the SLR BLACKJACKET™ dark cloth provides a darkened environment that permits photographers to work continuously and review histograms and images on camera LCD review screens at normal viewing distances. It also helps keep your equipment dry in challenging conditions.

The concept for the SLR BLACKJACKET™ dark cloth originated with the very first BLACKJACKET™ which was designed to shade the ground glass of view cameras while providing access to camera controls by way of sleeves.

The SLR BLACKJACKET™ dark cloth works the same way, shading the LCD viewing screen all the while providing a means to insert and remove one's hands from the darkened environment to access camera controls and still maintain total darkness. Like a doorless, s-shaped entrance to a production darkroom, the folds in the sleeve fabric trap unwanted light.

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