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BLACKJACKET™ Focusing Cloth Features


Lightweight & Compact

The ORIGINAL 4x5/7 model weighs just 8 ounces and folds to the size of a softball! Though slightly bulkier, the HYBRID is still compact and weighs just 15 ounces.


Water Resistant

Available in coated nylon (the ORIGINAL) or water-resistant/breathable fabric (the HYBRID). Both styles easily shed water.



Sturdy elastic shock cord and toggle ensure a custom fit. Maximum neck sizes available include 18", 46" and 60", each of which can collapse to 0", to fit everything from a DSLR to an 8x10. Ask about custom orders for larger sizes.


to Use

No need for extra hands to hold the dark cloth closed or in place! With my arms in the sleeves, it is also easy to keep the dark cloth from obscurring the ground glass in windy conditions!


Attaches in Seconds

Drape, stretch, secure with toggle! Release the tension on the toggle to remove the BLACKJACKET™ without disturbing your composition.


Stays Put

Would you leave your dark cloth unattended in 30mph gusts above a 800-foot-high cliffs? This one won't blow away!



Did we mention how well it works? Check out this inside view made with a digital camera!

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