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Our Best Seller! The HYBRID BLACKJACKET™ Focusing Cloth

We are fully stocked!


The HYBRID BLACKJACKET™ is identical to the ORIGINAL in all respects with one important exception. The HYBRID incorporates the classic two-layer sandwich of white (outside) and black (inside) water-resistant breathable fabric for the top panel. The bottom panel and sleeves are now constructed of the same black fabric that is used for the inside of the top panel. This HYBRID design was created in response to feedback from users in high humidity areas, where the lightweight, Aluminized (non-breathable) fabric was less desirable.

The tradeoff for additional comfort is that the HYBRID models weigh more than the ORIGINAL model, though both designs are lightweight. The ORIGINAL 4x5/7 BLACKJACKET™ weighs just 8 ounces while the HYBRID SHADOW 4x5/7 weighs 15 ounces. We didn't want to add too much to the weight, so we only use two layers of fabric for the top panel, where it will do the most good.

Since the price of the HYBRID is the same as the ORIGINAL BLACKJACKET™ the decision is yours to make. Most photographers choose the more comfortable HYBRID. But for those hard-core backpackers trying to shave every ounce off their load, we still offer the ORIGINAL model.


Cooler and water-resistant, the fabric used for the HYBRID is similar to what is commonly used on dress raincoats. Though water beads up on the surface of this tightly woven material, technically it does not qualify as fully waterproof.

Our newest version of the HYBRID, the HYBRID SHADOW BLACKJACKET™ features a top panel of water-resistant/breathable white (outside)/black (inside) fabric sandwich for more comfort. The bottom panel and sleeves, formerly constructed of a coated nylon fabric, is now the same woven fabric as the inside of the top panel for even more comfort in hot/humid conditions.

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